Lifeline D-Lock
Lifeline D-Lock

Lifeline D-Lock

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Note: Professionally Assembled bikes are pickup only.

The Lifeline Steel D Lock is Sold Secure certified, meaning it is one of LifeLine's most trustworthy bike lock systems. The classic D-shape of the lock is constructed from a 14mm toughened steel shackle that helps to defend against bolt-cutter attempts while keeping your bike firmly tethered to your chosen anchor. Unlike chain and cable locks, D-shape locks are less manoeuvrable however are more secure to multiple types of theft.


-  Sold secure Silver Certified (60/100)

-  14mm Harden Steel shackle 

-  Double sided Deadbolt

-  Included 2 Keys

-  Included Frame mounting bracket

-  Sliding dust cover

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If you opt-in to our Professional Assembly service, our bike experts will set up your bike and run safety checks prior to pickup / delivery.

Professional Assembly setup includes:

  • Complete bike build
  • Tightening and torquing all bolts
  • Checking electronics
  • Setting tyre pressure

All DAM Bike products include electronic tagging that allows bikes with uninterrupted seat tubes to be traced back to their owners using a unique ID contained within the electronic tag.

Tagged products are designed to give your bike a unique identity that is registered to you. They are not GPS tracking devices.