DG - MFT1 Grappler
DG - MFT1 Grappler
DG - MFT1 Grappler
DG - MFT1 Grappler
DG - MFT1 Grappler
DG - MFT1 Grappler
DG - MFT1 Grappler
DG - MFT1 Grappler
DG - MFT1 Grappler
DG - MFT1 Grappler

DG - MFT1 Grappler

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Note: Professionally Assembled bikes are pickup only.

Our DAM mountain or "fat tyre" range bike gives you the full enjoyment of being able to ride on both normal and rough terrain. Since the large tyres absorb a lot of the vibration from riding, there is less stress on your hands and lower back. The Grappler is an extremely comfortable ride, with its large volume low-pressure tyres acting as shock absorbers.

Each bike is fitted with the highest performing lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery currently on the market, with the same battery technology as used in some hybrid cars on the market today.


Black, White


36V 250W rear hub


36V 10ah hidden lithium

Charge Time

4-6.5 hours

Max Speed

25km//h 1

Max Range

1:1 PAS mode 60-100 km


Shimano 3 x 7 = 21 Speed


Large 3 display 5 speed level waterproof LCD screen


TEKTRO Front/rear dual 160 disc brake


160-180cm in height, Kenda 26” *4.0 fat tyre -superior grip, 26” tyre – suitable for riders


PAS: Multi level pedal assist sensor

Max Supporting Weight

150 kg


3W LED headlight with USB Charger


Alloy adjustable suspension, Front fork aluminium

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If you opt-in to our Professional Assembly service, our bike experts will set up your bike and run safety checks prior to pickup / delivery.

Professional Assembly setup includes:

  • Complete bike build
  • Tightening and torquing all bolts
  • Checking electronics
  • Setting tyre pressure

All DAM Bike products include electronic tagging that allows bikes with uninterrupted seat tubes to be traced back to their owners using a unique ID contained within the electronic tag.

Tagged products are designed to give your bike a unique identity that is registered to you. They are not GPS tracking devices.